Real differentiation. In real-time.

Since 2000, we have been scoring consumers to make precise advertising decisions. Our industry-first scoring engine drives all our solutions by evaluating vast pools of audience data in real-time. Not only do we measure each of your consumer’s interests and behaviors, we weigh how valuable each individual is in relation to your specific advertising goals.

Your consumers – like you never knew them before.

The scoring engine analyzes proprietary 1st and 3rd party data in real-time to understand consumers – what their true interests are and how responsive they are to your marketing message at any given moment:

  • Each site visitor is given a true interest score indicating their likelihood to convert – based on behavior attributes like minutes spent on site, frequency of visits and past purchase data - so we can pinpoint your most qualified audience.
  • The score is dynamic, just like everything else in our system, so it continually adjusts as we learn more about your consumers and how they react to your messaging on various websites.

Our scoring engine uses the dynamic scores to make bidding and creative decisions in real-time, including:

  • Determining which group of consumers is most qualified to receive your advertising
  • Calculating the most effective price to reach each consumer -- maximizing every impression and making your campaign dollars work harder.
  • Increasing your ad’s creative relevance by delivering dynamic messaging and visuals within the ad unit which speak to each consumer’s particular interests at a given time.

Every consumer should be valued in real-time, individually and based on his or her most recent interests and behaviors. Doing so creates extraordinary efficiencies, ensuring you reach the most targeted audience for your goals and deliver the most relevant ad messaging for each person.