• Why Viewability is Here to Stay

    Sep 23, 2014
    iMedia Connection
    Netmining's own Jon Schwartz, VP of Sales, opines on the hot topic of 'viewability' in this iMedia Connection article, "The best case for viewability is its application for measuring across media channels, both digital and traditional. It means digital is now getting close to a comparable GRP-like metric for a side-by-side comparison with TV."
  • We Know Where Apple Stands On Health Data. What About Google?

    Sep 12, 2014
    Joseph Lavan, Netmining's Director of Data and Insights, comments on what the industry thinks about Google and health data, "It’s going to be a huge win for marketers if we can make this data actionable; it’s not only going to benefit more targeted one-to-one messaging, it will also help marketers better understand their own verticals."
  • Don't Strand Your Programmatic Team On An Island

    Aug 21, 2014
    Dean Vegliante, General Manager at Netmining, doesn't want you to Strand Your Programmatic Team On An Island. Via MediaPost he says, " Brands need a specific expert, and they need to be open to listening and learning from their in-house programmatic guru. Those in the ad tech industry might argue that brands are behind the curve in implementing new technologies, but the truth is that nearly all major brands are at the same stage -- recognizing the need to hire someone who can roll up their sleeves and educate on the ins and outs of programmatic."
  • What The NBA Champions Can Tell You About Your Programmatic Media Plan

    Jul 22, 2014
    Netmining's Director of Data and Insights, Joe Lavan, asks what the NBA can teach you about your media plan, "It’s very easy to equate reach and frequency of a media plan to depth on an NBA roster, with the ultimate goal of both being to reduce redundancies. The performance we saw from the Spurs came from the unique nature of their roster, which was able to handle any scenario an opposing team could throw at them. A great media plan requires the same flexibility."
  • Data Visualization Can Unlock Digital’s Advertising Confusion

    Jul 16, 2014
    More great insight today from Netmining President Chris Hansen, this time explaining how data visualization might help you make the most of your ad data, "A clean interface that agencies and marketers use to understand online advertising is bound to drive a major uptick in digital spending. Campaign management is about acting on information, and information is easiest to understand when it’s visualized.".
  • Why Offline Data Is Key To Online Data Segmentation

    Jul 15, 2014
    Netmining President Chris Hansen delves into the online/offline conversation in this piece from MediaPost, "not all data segments are created equal. If online marketers and data companies keep trying to plug in the same segments, campaign after campaign, they will see diminishing returns. Targeting the same mom or auto intender segments doesn’t do much good. Marketers need some outside-the-box thinking to uncover new data segments, and the secret may lie in offline marketing tactics."
  • Hyper-local Data: Programmatic Game-Changer, And Not Just For Mobile

    Jun 23, 2014
    Dean Vegliante, Netmining’s General Manager, talks about how programmatic and hyper-local data may not just be for mobile, “So much of the hyper-local storyline to date has focused on mobile due to the nature of device mobility. But that’s only one example of how this data can be leveraged. It’s entirely possible to target on a hyper-local level in traditional ways, and it’s these executions that will make hyper-local a pillar of online advertising in the near future.”
  • Picking A Lane In The Programmatic Marketplace

    May 20, 2014
    Dean Vegliante, Netmining's General Manager, speaks to the various ad tech categories and roles within programmatic. "The wisest course is to look at all this from the marketer’s view. When evaluating the programmatic space, marketers should be selecting partners that focus on them, providing best-of-class service and expert guidance. We are in an era where middlemen are valued and appreciated for digesting the data and inventory to best service marketers. We’d all be wise to be as clearly defined, focused and conflict-free as possible."
  • Why the Current Agency Paradigm Undermines Mobile

    May 2, 2014
    Netmining President Chris Hansen tackles how agencies can deal with a cookie-less mobile environment, “Mobile introduces a new level of complexity where strategies as simple as remarketing are much harder to execute. Mobile targeting is still in its infancy, and plans created with a mobile component are not 100% measurable. Marketers need to accept that and get used to statistical values, as opposed to absolute values, which require a major shift in mindset.”
  • What M&A Means For Programmatic Marketers

    Apr 17, 2014
    Dean Vegliante, Netmining’s General Manager, provides an insightful look at how the ad tech space is being molded by the increased number of prevalent mergers and acquisitions. Particularly for marketers, what they should be looking out for in the 3 different M&A scenarios.