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Netmining Publishes Guide to Help Marketers Navigate the Rapidly Developing Display Ecosystem

NEW YORK, NY – July 26, 2011 – Netmining, a leading provider of display targeting solutions, today announced the release of "Mapping the Display Landscape," a fundamental guide to data, targeting and the future of display. The guide was designed to help marketers and media buyers navigate the fragmented and changing world of data-driven display by providing clarity, case studies and best practices for targeted display. The report is available now for free download at

Staying informed is critical for online marketers given display's growing importance. At the most recent IAB "Future of Display" conference, Neal Mohan, VP of Product Management at Google, declared that display spending will rise from $25 billion in 2010 to $200 billion "in a few short years."

Key areas addressed in the guide include:
* Display Landscape Overview: How has the digital landscape changed since the first appearance of a display banner, and which technology consolidations and new platforms have driven the shift
* Dealing with Data: How should different data types be leveraged for targeted display campaigns
* Applying Data to Audiences: How can data can be aggregated and applied to create a desired audience
* Audience Targeting for Branding: How can brand marketers use data-driven display to reach their target audiences in brand safe environments at scale
* Privacy: What privacy regulations and best practices are needed today
* What's Next for Display: What do industry experts have to say about display innovations down the road and how they will address the marketers' needs around measurement, standards and transparency

Mapping the Display Landscape also includes contributed articles from Sean Downey, National Sales Director of Display at Google; Oren Netzer, Co-Founder & CEO of DoubleVerify; Brian O'Kelley, CEO of AppNexus; Colin O'Malley, Co-Founder, VP Strategy and Policy at Evidon, Tom Phillips, CEO of Media6Degrees; and Chris Scoggins, SVP & GM of DLX Platform at Datalogix.

"Managing a media plan in today's digitally-driven marketplace is complex, and marketers are challenged to keep up with a plethora of new technologies, acronyms and players in the display industry," said Chris Hansen, President of Netmining. "As the display space grows, Netmining will advance with it and act as a strategic partner to its clients by keeping them informed and on the forefront of both Netmining's and the industry's exciting developments."

To download "Mapping the Display Landscape," please visit

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Netmining is a provider of display targeting solutions, including custom audience targeting, remarketing and video targeting, that harness real-time customer intelligence to improve display performance. With an audience profiling engine that understands each individual's interests and buying propensity, Netmining enables companies to deliver highly relevant and personalized online advertising across the entire customer lifecycle. Clients include Caesars, Sands, Hertz, Audi, Lord & Taylor, J.Crew, Jones Apparel Group, Mindshare, OMD, Neo@Ogilvy, Singer Direct and Morpheus Media, among others. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter @netmining.

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