We understand that every brand has unique needs. We will work with you to determine any specific sensitivity and choose the inventory and creative canvas that best aligns with your marketing initiatives. Our goal is to deliver your messaging in high-quality environments while maintaining scale and quality.

We offer the essentials for a successful branding campaign:

  • Brand Safe Inventory Program that protects your ads from websites that contain explicit violence, pornography, profanity, hate speech, illegal content, torrents, spyware/malware, copyright infringement and user-generated content.
  • Flexible and rich creative canvas options, including expandables, companion banners, overlay units, in-banner video and pre-roll video, and rich media display.
  • Surveys to understand how your brand and campaign are perceived by your audience, and we utilize the survey results as data points for targeting.
  • Analytics & Optimization that provide intimate access to your campaign audience data and website visitor data for a 360-degree perspective of your consumers.

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