SmartRemarketing℠ brings your consumers back to your site by serving them targeted advertising. The results are incremental sales, leads and engagement. Our distinct method recognizes each individual’s behavior and interests in real-time to deliver better performance:

  • Achieve Campaign Efficiency. By gathering and analyzing data about your audience in real-time, we can place a unique value on each site visitor and identify those most likely to convert.
  • Maximize Your Media Dollars. Bidding on quality inventory in real-time enables us to find the right audiences at the best price—and to maximize return.
  • Improve Relevancy. Real-time insights are used to deliver the most relevant ad for each person.

Our superior remarketing performance is possible thanks to the scoring engine, which creates and evaluates behavior-rich audience profiles in real-time. The engine assigns every site visitor a score based on their unique list of attributes – such as frequency, recency and time spent on-site. The score allows us to deliver relevant, dynamic messaging to each visitor, resulting in a smarter bidding process that stretches your media dollars further.

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